Whether you're a business owner, a marketer, or just someone looking to quickly
improve your potential sales results this month, then here's how you can do it ...

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— Ken Calhoun and Michel Fortin

No profitability nor earnings claims of any kind are being made. Generally expected customer results are that no customers
will make increased sales. Individual results will vary depending on factors that are unique to each person.

Two Genuine Million-Dollar Copywriters Finally Share Their Confidential Shortcut Secrets On How They've Created Successful High-Selling Sales Copy... In Just Hours!"

From the desks of
Ken Calhoun and Michel Fortin
Tuesday, 10:37 am

Re: The Key to Potentially Unlocking Your Profits is Within
Your Grasp!

Dear Copywriter,

What if you could discover how two top-talented copywriters have developed top-selling sites that have converted astonishingly high sales copy?

Well, you can. To learn how, take a moment to read this important letter, because it might be the most important letter you have ever read.

In fact, it just might change your life — But you must act now...
Right now you have the opportunity to unearth the same secrets used by the wealthiest, the most envied, and the most successful individuals on the planet. It's the one key that can potentially unlock the door to unlimited wealth and success, and create the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

If you want the fast, proven shortcuts to creating potentially better-converting salesletters, then we'll show you the same tactics employed by two top-selling copywriters that they've used to generate impressive sales (even in this economy!).

Is this some unique sales strategy? Business model? Positive thinking process? No.

One Potential Key To Improving Your Sales is Your
Ability to Craft a Persuasive Sales Message!

Once you uncover these incredible new tactics, you can easily craft potentially successful ads, salesletters and websites that have the potential to generate new sales for you, day after day — no matter what experience or writing skills you have right now.

In a moment, I'm going to share with the same strategies used to write for individual marketers and copywriters... salesletters that have made millions of dollars in actual sales.

Let me give you a bit of background so you can understand.

Recently, two million-dollar copywriters joined forced to host a special, one-time-only, closed-door "roll-up-your-sleeves-and-profit" Copywriting Success Event of a Lifetime.

Locked in a small hotel meeting room in Denver, Colorado for two full days with only a handful of lucky individuals, these two million-dollar copywriters literally spilled the beans on how to write truly magnetic, professional sales copy.

Delivering a powerful combination of intensive training and advanced breakthrough ad secrets, everything you need to know to create wildly successful salesletters was revealed in the most practical, "down-and-dirty" system for active copywriters ever offered to the general public.

These two amazing minds joined together for the first time ever to finally disclose their most coveted copy tactics — including dozens of all-new, Internet "stealth salesmanship" strategies that have boosted sales for them faster than anyone would have thought possible.

Sadly, this event will never be repeated.

If you missed it, you missed possibly the most intense workshop ever delivered, designed to potentially improve sales copywriting skills faster than ever...

... Until now, that is.

For The First Time Ever, Not One But Two Self-Made
Copywriting Masters Share These Most Coveted
Cash-Producing Wordsmithing Secrets!

The exciting news is, this copywriting quickstart live event delivered to a select handful of people was recorded on professional quality video! And now, it is finally being brought to the general public and put together in a unique, step-by-step system.

In it, you'll learn powerful, tasty tips, tactics and techniques that will can you create potentially high-selling sales copy from scratch, or catapult your existing salesletters, ad copy, websites and direct mail pieces to potential success that you may have never imagined possible.

It's easy once you know how!

There's nothing else like this system. Nothing.

It's as if you were able to kidnap two of the sharpest copywriting minds in the industry who have made millions with their copy, and force them to visually show you the exact techniques and strategies they used to make their copy — and their clients' copy — insanely profitable. (Note that we can't promise that you'll also become profitable, but we do promise to show you what tactics we've used to create bestselling sales copy... tactics you can begin using yourself.)

With this system, you can easily extract tons of professionally written gold-nugget tactics you can use to duplicate their know-how in order to multiply, intensify, and accelerate your newfound skills and knowledge so that your salesletters can also be more professional (and potentially generate astonishing new breakthrough sales).

Whether you're …

... Then the unique system you're about to uncover delivers one of the quickest, easiest ways to begin multiplying the potential selling power of every piece of promotion you create!

You'll be grasping exactly how and what we've done to make stunning sales improvements for our copy — and possibly become a top-notch copywriter, too! — in just several amazingly rapid, exhilaratingly weeks. Why? Because we show you from years of tried-and-true, real-world experience.

You see, we don't just "teach" copywriting.

The Authors of This Amazing System Are Real Successful
Online Business Owners Working In The Trenches Right Now.

I'm Ken Calhoun. I'm a professional trainer, instructor, publisher of numerous wildly successful trading how-to courses and DVDs, and above all a hard-working successful entrepreneur.

But what you may not know is that I'm also a diehard "copywriting maniac." For instance, my own salesletter at TradingVideos.com sold over a quarter of a million dollars in DVD sales during it's early release.

But that's not all...

I've also delivered "knock-your-socks-off" seminars that consistently produce solid sales. People eagerly attend my seminars to learn the powerful techniques and inside secrets I share.

While I'm at the top my game, I'm also a perpetual sponge.

Heck, I'd be a damned fool if I failed to keep learning about new ways to potentially boost my income and improve my copywriting skills. (You should, too!) That's why I'm constantly on the lookout for them.

Well, you've heard of Michel Fortin, right? He's the Internet copywriting superstar who's written some of the highest-selling salesletters in Internet history. Here's what you don't know (and why this event should be so exciting to you!)...

One day I paid Michel's outrageous fees to give me some advanced pointers on my copy. With the help of his specific coaching, I've been able to make sales improvements with a conversion rate as high as 46% in my copy at my DaytradingUniversity.com.

And I did it on that site (and many others) within mere weeks by using just a few of the powerful secrets that Michel revealed to me, in our exclusive one-on-one coaching calls... stuff he keeps extremely secret... stuff he doesn't tell the public... stuff he never shared...

... Until now.

What's new (even if you've seen Michel before), is that we're both going to show you exactly how you can make fast, lethal (and easy!) changes to your salesletters, as I have, to get quick and easy sales improvements that can potentially help you increase your sales.

With Michel's guidance, I've been consistenly writing winning salesletters. But until just four years ago, there's no way I could've done it. Michel helped me change all that.

He can help you, too. I reveal how one of his star students went from "so so copy" to world-class kick-butt copy that sells like gangbusters. You've gotta learn this stuff, if you want to discover how one winning entrepreneur has done it (think of it as a case study) — pulled apart step by step for you.

Known As "The Greatest Copywriter On The Web,"
Michel Fortin Consistently Delivers Hardcore Training And Tricks That Have Produced Astonishing Sales for His Clients

If you don't know Michel Fortin, it's because he's the closely guarded "secret weapon" used by some of the most successful marketers in the world, writing copy mostly behind the scenes.

He was instrumental in selling over an estimated $40,000,000 — yes, that's over forty million dollars! — worth of products and services in just a few short years.

One of his salesletters produced over $1.08 million in sales in the first 18 hours of its launch. Another generated $889,218 in under 24 hours. And another generated over $36,000 within just six short hours. That's just the tip of the iceberg!

He even wrote sales copy for some of the world's top copywriters — even for other people's own copywriting courses! — whose reputations would shrivel in a heartbeat if their followers ever found out someone else wrote their copy. (He made quite a few of them insanely rich, too.)

His client list reads like a who's who in the marketing and Internet business worlds. Many of them are well-known and highly respected. For example, he wrote copy for...

John Reese
Yanik Silver
Frank Kern
Stephen Pierce
Jay Abraham
Corey Rudl

Terry Dean
Ted Ciuba
Simon Grabowski
Ryan Deiss
Craig Perrine
Kirt Christensen

Jason Potash
Shawn Casey
Nitro Marketing
Mark Joyner
Miguel Alvarez
Armand Morin

And so many more!

If you've bought products from any of these folks in the past, chances are...

... You bought from Michel Fortin's copy!

Now, like me, Michel is not just master salesman, a top-flight copywriter, and a highly successful business owner. He's also a fanatical tester. He runs split-tests on his copy (and his clients' copy) all the time. That means, he scientifically tests his copy to see what pulls best.

He's tested headlines... headers... graphics... body copy... storylines... offers... prices... bullets... colors... formatting... calls to action... order form copy... opt-in copy... pop-ups... pictures... emails... guarantees... you name it, he's tested it!

From constantly testing and tweaking his own copy, and writing copy and working closely with marketers who test like crazy too, this privilege has armed him with a vast and intimate wealth of knowledge of what works... what works outrageously well... and what doesn't work at all.

If You're Only Looking For a Basic Course On
How to Write Simple Headlines And Bullets,
Then This Copywriting System is Not For You!

With this unique system, you'll be getting your own personal front-row seat for a "birds-eye view" of what you should be doing differently in your copy, to write copy like professionals do.

And the best part is, there's absolutely...

... No copywriting theory, recycled generalizations, or "copywriting 101" basics.

Instead, you'll be grabbing the best hardcore, highly advanced, "instant makeover" copywriting secrets revealed that you've never heard anywhere before.

And you won't be getting outdated case studies and secondhand examples. You get updated, current Copywriting Test Results for What Really Converts so you'll be able to craft wickedly-sharp persuasive copy that can potentially earn additional sales even in this tough economy!

You see, a number of students have asked for advanced training. They've told us they'd like to be able to "look over the shoulder" of experienced copywriting experts so they can copy and duplicate their specific techniques, word by word, line by line, screen by screen.

But most importantly, they want to learn how to do it particularly for today's savvy, cynical, and highly skeptical audiences — in a way that sells with clarity, conviction, and credibility.

My colleagues mean a lot to me, and I wanted to offer the best of the best.

That's why we've put together this amazing and unique system, which is perfect for highly motivated entrepreneurs and aspiring copywriters who are teachable and willing to be shown how it's done, step by step.. with no theory, no sugarcoating, no tiptoeing around.

I don't want unqualified, so-so-interested, tire-kicking lookyloos who are just plain curious and won't use the advanced copywriting tactics that this system reveals. (It would be such a waste!)

No. With this system I want to show only serious, wealth-seeking individuals the exact step-by-step proprietary copywriting processes and tactics we've used to create magnetic moneymaking ads in our businesses, and irresistible marketing messages that can make a difference, as fast as possible.

Now Having Said That, Who Exactly Will This
Training System Going to Benefit The Most?

1. Serious Marketers

Serious marketers with at least two years' experience who want to learn dozens of fast-shortcut copywriting secrets they need to quickly improve their current web copy dramatically, taught by two verified million-dollar copywriters.

In fact, you can use just a few of the dozens of "power copywriting" tactics we'll be revealing, and potentially grab your own "mastermind coaching" captured on DVD — once you learn exactly how it works!

2. Smart Copywriters

Smart copywriters who want to learn advanced hands-on professional copywriting tactics that will shave years off your learning curve and give you sensational, current, tested copywriting tactics and updated conversion strategies to help your clients' projects.

Wait until you see what's in store for you — you'll be astonished to see the differences in what copy hooks sell best today, with ever-more-skeptical, cynical audiences! The system shows you how to win them over and potentially make the sale.

And the best part is, you will love it if your copywriting clients also start saying things like...

"Made Over A Million Dollars In One Day!"

"A huge thank you to Michel for doing such a masterful job on writing the Traffic Secrets salesletter. He is the author of the biggest launch letter promoting the fastest selling 'how-to' course in the history of the Internet, grossing $1,080,496.37 in sales in less than 18 hours of its worldwide release."

John Reese

3. Experienced Netpreneurs

You should already have decent copywriting skills and at least an intermediate-level sales and Internet marketing background, to get the most out of this special training system.

If you have an online business, this incredible training can help you write more professional copy to augment your your Internet marketing efforts — and shows you techniques you can use for all areas, from your traffic generation and list-building efforts, to your potential conversion rates and backend sales.

Bottom line, we're delivering specific, powerful tactics for moderately experienced copywriters and marketers. Lethal, "insiders-only" new copywriting strategies that take you to the next advanced level in your personal copywriting success.

No basics. No BS. Just brilliant techniques, exposed for you to emulate immediately and potentially make more sales with — yet so surprisingly simple to use!

But above all, the system shares with you how to apply these copywriting strategies and kickbutt tactics in a precise, step-by-step fashion, along with little-known tips, ideas, processes, and breakthroughs that are designed to transform your prospects into paying customers!

So if you're looking to sharpen your "copy chops," turn every promotional piece you create into potential winner, and work to possibly create additional sales in any economy, then here's how to...

Potentially "Unlock Your Profits" with Ken Calhoun and Michel Fortin's...

Copywriting Success System

The Key to Creating The Wealth You Deserve

You're Invited to Come Grab Every Single Skill,
Shortcut Strategy, and Carefully Guarded Secret
Two Top Internet Copywriters Have Used to Generate
Astonishing Piles of Cash... Even In This Economy!

This remarkable 8-DVD Copywriting Success System™ will show you how to make your personal before-and-after transformation, from so-so copywriter as I was (or even non-copywriter, if you've never written copy before), to world-class copywriting maniac!

The before-and-after "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" change you'll take away from this system can be the single most profitable decision you'll ever make in your life. You may even feel like you're "turning into Hyde" and develop the potential to become successful like a copywriting maniac deserves! It's just that powerful.

You'll be mastering breathtaking new sales-boosting strategies that will bring out the "copy beast" in you — and get you squarely "in the pocket" of successful sales in print.

This System is your key to improving the professionalism of your copy — fast.

It's more than just a course. The Copywriting Success System delivers the information in the most learning-efficient way possible to maximize and accelerate your training. This intensive lab-on-video speeds up your learning dramatically to finally create better-writen copy.

You get specialized training with additional, highly specific information by seeing examples of their application, hearing actual test results, and grasping proven strategies, screen by screen!

Could this easily speed up your learning curve by even greater leaps and bounds?

Would your confidence level in your copywriting increase significantly?

You bet it could!

In fact, once you grab your copy of this poweful training system, you'll be armed to the teeth with copywriting how-to tricks of the trade that are so powerful, you'll be able to quickly write tighter, more focused and targeted salesletter... and you'll be immersed in fast-paced, high-energy copy tactics that have worked for us.

For example, with this new system you get...

In short, solid information of this magnitude will not only give you the strategies and tactics you need, but also help you absorb, retain, and apply the information for maximum effectiveness.

We Don't Just Show You WHAT to Do.
We Show You HOW to Do it, Too.

As you prime your newfound copywriting skills, you also get to watch "over the shoulders" of real marketing wizards who have made real money, on the Internet and off the Internet, too. Here's just a sample of the tasty copywriting "success secrets" you'll be getting...

Get all the insider strategies to help you master the seven most effective ways to craft "bullets that bring in the bucks" using hidden sales triggers — all deconstructed for you so that you can tweak them to fit your salesletters so you can adapt them to your needs, fast.

You'll be amazed once you see the jaw-dropping tips revealed in the "Headline Writers' Wealth Booster" session — included for the first time ever! — that breaks the code on recent changes needed to instantly draw your prospect deep into the body copy.

A stunning "Copywriting Champions" killer combination of copy elements that can sell — subheads, grabbers, phrases, objection turns, refund-stoppers and upsell strategies can potentially help you crank out great (not just good) salesletters every single time you write!

How to potentially close more sales consistently with your copy by anticipating and overcoming your prospects' objections (both hidden and overt ones) with laser-like "just-say-yes" objection turnaround phrases and embedded tactics.

How to craft an irresistible, credible sense of urgency without resorting to "by midnight" or "for X people only" gimmicks that today's savvy buyers see through. Discover how to prod your prospects into must-buy mode so they may take action sooner, without procrastinating.

Plus, you'll get all the easy-to-use, compellingly irresistible copywriting hooks and insider ad copy secrets that willl make it easy for you to grasp high-powered copywriting concepts.

What Exactly is Included in The
Copywriting Success System?

The entire system consists of 8 full-length DVDs with a total runtime of 10 hours and 10 minutes. Here's a quick look at what you get inside this amazing system, along with a few sample excerpts...

The Secrets of Creating
High-Impact Copy

DVD #1 Michel Fortin (1:36)

bullet Copywriting Formulas I and II

bullet How To "Hook" Your Readers

bullet Natural Laws/Personality Styles

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #1. Press "play" to start.

The Profit-Pulling Potency
Of Salesmanship in Print

DVD #2 Ken Calhoun (1:20)

bullet "The Big Promise"

bullet Before-After Transformations

bullet Credentializing/Analog Copy

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #2. Press "play" to start.

The Persuasive Power
Of "Storyselling"

DVD #3 Michel Fortin (1:14)

bullet Copywriting Research

bullet Transitions and Guarantees

bullet Copywriting Insider Tips

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #3. Press "play" to start.

Compelling Copy Shortcuts
And Breakthroughs

DVD #4 Ken Calhoun (1:15)

bullet Bullet Breakthroughs

bullet Copywriting Craftsmanship

bullet Examples/Exercises

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #4. Press "play" to start.

How to Maximize Your
Copy's Selling Power

DVD #5 Michel Fortin (1:13)

bullet Questions and Answers

bullet Swipe File Strategies

bullet Testing Tactics

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #5. Press "play" to start.

Copywriting Secrets
For Internet Video

DVD #6 Ken Calhoun (1:19)

bullet Time Urgency

bullet Infomercial Swipe Secrets

bullet Examples/Exercises

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #6. Press "play" to start.

Million-Dollar Methods,
Mindset And Copy Magic

DVD #7 Ken Calhoun (1:08)

bullet Copy Success Strategies

bullet Creating Successful Letters

bullet Copywriters' Action Steps

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #7. Press "play" to start.

Easy Action Steps For
Cranking Up Your Sales

DVD #8 Michel Fortin (1:05)

bullet QUEST Salesletter Activity

bullet Tripod Benefit Statements

bullet Copywriters' Debriefing

bullet Resources/Taking Action

Watch a brief excerpt video from DVD #8. Press "play" to start.

How You Can Quickly Improve The "Sales Potential"
of Any Ad, Site or Salesletter... With Easy,
Simple-to-Use "Sales Copy Stingers!"

Here's a quick list of some of the exciting copywriting strategies you will uncover in the 8-DVD Copywriting Success System. For example, you will get...

... And much, much more!

You'll even be privy to the stunning secrets of the very latest up-to-the-minute copywriting ad conversion test results — the newest "online copy secrets" that have generated solid sales... copy tactics that can potentially sell even the most cynical of prospects and website visitors.

Once you see how to "set pen to paper" with persuasive, credible copy that makes selling easier than ever, you will sharpen your "copywriting chops" to quickly convert more sales with your words.

What You'll Be Learning Can Help Improve Your Copywriting
Skills... Which Is One Key To Potential Business Success!

Imagine two devoted and highly skilled copywriting and marketing professionals taking you "by the hand" and showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and what to expect. Imagine getting the exact knowledge and know-how you need, from education to application.

It's like compressing several years of in-the-trenches experience into 8 solid, jam-packed DVDs.

Your ticket to the Copywriters' Success System ensures you'll always know what to say and how to say it, as it equips you with all-new tactics for world-class salesmanship in print. This kind of advanced training and highly sensitive information is not available elsewhere.

Plus, you've got to cut through the noise with today's ever-savvy online buyers. That's why you get specialized copywriting and Internet copy tactics you need to take your copywriting to the next level. Find out how as we reveal top Internet copywriting secrets.

You gain "instant insights" once you see us go through some of our proven, million-dollar Internet salesletters and higher-converting tactics with actionable, easy profit-boosting tips you can use...

... Tips based on proven, actual sales conversion test results!

No recycled theory, rehashed "how to," or old-school basics. This is cutting-edge stuff — you get to see what's selling now online, with results to show you how to model and duplicate it!

If you write copy for the web, see how to combine specific graphics with copy for web salesletters. Keeping your prospects' attention in long-copy salesletters can be a challenge. We'll show you how to use grabbers and graphics for more professional sales copy.

Bottom line, we'll reach deep into our bag of tricks to show you how to get inside your prospects' head with your copy and generate world-class sales copy. Even veteran copywriting sharks agree...

"Your Copy Is So Disgustingly Good,
I'm Going To Steal A Lot of Your Ideas... "

"I didn't know you. But since our first call together, I've taken some time to read the salesletters you wrote. They blew me away! I thought I knew every killer copywriter in the world... I didn't. Well, now I'm going to steal a lot of your ideas! They are truly that good. I mean that sincerely, since I don't pay compliments easily. Your copy is so good, it's disgustingly good."

— Gary Halbert, R.I.P.

How would you like to potentially earn top dollar for your copy? It's easy, once you learn how from two highly successful, seven-figure copywriters. You get hands-on training by two copywriting pros with verifiable, million-dollar sales results... this is your chance to "ethically steal" their secrets!

But hurry if you want to lock in your seat and gain a winning edge over your competitors!

Question is, How Much Are You
Willing to Invest In Yourself ?

How much are you willing to spend to improve your copywriting skills? How much are you willing to put into maximize the selling power of every marketing piece you create? What is it worth to you to be able to write your own sales copy, guided by two top industry professionals?

When you consider that some courses sock your wallet for literally thousands of hard-earned dollars, this system is amazingly affordable. You get top quality copywriting training for less with us!

All 8 power-packed DVDs, with a total of 10 hours and 10 minutes or video (with solid, wall-to-wall information from the first DVD to the last), can be yours for just one tiny investment of $1,295.

Special Discounted Offer With Massive
Discount That's An Astonishing Value!

Get a Whopping $800 Off!

Listen, I know the economy is hurting you. Times are tough, and I know that some courses are out of reach for a lot of people. But if your business is suffering right now and the recession has closed doors for you, then you absolutely need the Copywriting Success System!

With your new, stunning professional copywriting skills, you hold the key that can help you bust out of any sluggish economy!

There's never been a better time to catapult your copy chops!

But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I really want to make it affordable for you. If you're truly serious, I'm prepared to give you a massive, one-time $798 discount — that's close to $800 off! In other words, your copy of the complete, 10-hour, 8-DVD Copywriting Success System is yours for just one tiny investment of $497!

All you do is follow these simple steps...

Reserve your copy today. Press the "Click to Get Your Copy" button below. Then, after clicking the 'add to cart button', simply enter this code in the blank field next to the "apply discount" button...


(Write it down so you won't forget it!) Next, click "apply discount" and then click the "checkout" button. Your $798 discount will be automatically applied when you checkout. Your one-time investment is only $497! Your order will be taken care of by Amazon.com's Createspace division, so you'll know you'll be getting your DVDs shipped quickly and professionally.

Stop for a moment and seriously think about this.

If you can potentially make just a few more sales using the successful copy tactics revealed in the Copywriting Success System, it will more than pay for itself in just a few short weeks — and the best part is, it's yours to use for life! It can potentially pay for itself many, many, many times over.

Plus, only the Copywriting Success System combines powerful copywriting-for-video-salesletter tactics with knockout advanced Internet sales copywriting secrets.

No other course or training system on the market offer this kind of breathtaking information!

Has the sluggish economy closed doors for you?

Well, think of the Copywriting Success System as your "business defibrilator" that can jump-start your copywriting skills fast, because it will reveal the specific step-by-step strategies you can start using immediately to transform your next salesletter or website into a much more professionally-written one!

If your business is feeling the sting of a depressing economy, and it needs a "makeover" that you may be able to do after learning from this, then there's never been a better time to ramp up your ability with new, better copywriting skills. The time is today! Not tomorrow.

But you need to take action. The first step is to grab your copy of this system right now.

Here's What You'll Discover With This Powerful System...

Of course, individual results will vary. Plus, it would be foolish of me to say you will make improved sales in this economy. But this once-in-a-lifetime workshop can potentially put you on the right path for writing more professional, persuasive copy.

But I do want to make a few promises to you.

I know you may be skeptical. In fact, I know that if you've been a student of business, marketing, or copywriting for any length of time, then you've probably been burned by people who make big promises and then don't deliver. (I've been there, done that myself.)

That's why I've taken the time to be as accurate and as detailed in this letter as I can be. I want you to know exactly who we are and what you can expect from us.

We make sure every second counts. We don't waste any time with unimportant information you will never use. All eight DVDs contain solid, wall-to-wall information. We hit the ground running the moment you plug in the first DVD until the last minute of the last one.

But that's not all...

Forget all the stuff that just "looks" good. This stuff has been tested and refined. We take the time to show it to you, from "start to finish." You'll discover actual techniques that successful marketers and copywriters who make big money online have used to become more successful. Again, we cannot make nor infer that you will make any additional sales at all, and we cannot by law make any income nor profitability claims nor promises. By we do promise to show you what's worked for us, as educational "how to" training that you can test in your own business.

Check out the preview clips on this page to see the quality of the system you're getting. We're 100% confident you're going to love it.


Plus, Get The Copywriting Success System
Right Now, And We'll Also Show You These
Jaw-Dropping Copy Techniques...


How to Potentially Boost Your Response With Infomercial-Style Pro Scriptwriting. You see shortcut secrets on how to adapt winning infomercial copy to your written salesletters.

And for a limited time only, you also peek inside a treasure chest of sensational tactics such as "the big promise", "holders", and ways to use multiple, deftly-crafted calls to action that can potentially drive your prospects into a literal feeding frenzy of buying excitement!


How To Boost Your Copywriting Productivity, Fast. For the first time ever, I unlock the fast-paced strategies I personally use for writing six-figure copy. See how a focused, working environment and three-monitor pro copywriting workstation can triple your productivity.

Plus, for the first time ever I reveal all of my astonishingly effective proprietary screencaps of how I actually "map out" my copywriting workflow — these secrets alone can be more than worth your meager investment in your admission tuition!


How to Supercharge Your Storytelling Skills. It's true that compelling stories command attention, build empathy, and can close more sales. We reveal how to overcome writer's block and develop creative, engaging, riveting stories that add sparkle and "instant sales charisma" to your sales copy, in just three easy steps!


Graphics That Grab and Don't Let Go 'Til They Buy. The winning salesletters we've written all use a carefully designed combination of engaging copy-plus-graphics. These design elements help to not only gravitate the eyes but also keep your prospect's attention riveted throughout the copy, the pitch, and the call-to-action.

Going light-years beyond mere Johnson boxes, you see exactly what you need to do differently with your graphics and layout to make a world-class salesletter that can potentially sell more successfully.


How to Use Swipe File Action Triggers. If you're like most copywriters and marketers, you have a huge swipe file of good ads but don't know how to make all that stuff work.

I reveal exactly how you can rapidly transfer potentially winning copy concepts to make your salesletter a monster salesman-in-print for you, using special action triggers that make it easier than ever.


Copywriting Clients-to-Cashflow Freelance Secrets. Ideal for working copywriters, you get freelance tips for building your copywriting practice successfully.

Michel Fortin reveals top copywriting client management tactics that reveal how to negotiate copywriting fees successfully, avoiding problem clients and miscommunications, and how to earn maximum client money for each new copywriting project you grab.

(And if you write for yourself, you get to see how to manage your own copywriting projects with greater discipline and focus, and potentially achieve better results — fast!)


How to Instantly Overpower Your Competitors' Copy. I like to write copy that drowns my competition in a tsunami-like flood of vivid, edgy, benefit-boosted copy that has made my customers buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of my videos and services.

I treat every project like a wild-west shootout, where there's just one man standing. And I explain how I do it and how you, too, can leave your competition in the dust.

I also share with you how to create juicy "copy that clicks" and makes the sale, plus how to use your competitors' weaknesses against them to position yourself as the go-to pro. Nice guys finish last, but I'll show you how I've decimated my competition with world-class copy.


How to Instantly Spot Hidden Copywriting Tips. Whether you are a copywriter or write your own copy, there are tons of copywriting opportunities hidden right under your nose.

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